Young Writers Workshops

These were our workshops for 2017.  We are planning to have Creative Writing Workshops for grades 3-8 in 2018 also.

2017 Workshops for Grades 3-8

                                  Please note: students need to register at Youth Services 715-839-5007

Grades 3-5: Sara Bryan and Jessi Hoy Peterson:  Let’s Write!

grades3_5Join local writers Sara and Jessi for a morning of inventing, writing, and sharing. We’ll bring the paper, pencils, and a passel of tips, tricks, and treats!  With Special Guest Appearance by The Cabinet of Curiosities,
Guaranteed to Ignite Your Imagination!

Sara Bryan earned her English degree from UW-Eau Claire and has championed poetry for the Chippewa Valley Book Festival since 2010. She often thinks about the power of language: the amazing talent we humans have to turn 26 letters of the alphabet into thousands of words and billions of different sentences —new ones every day. What will we think of next? Sara’s three young grandchildren help keep her imagination vibrant.

Jessi Peterson is a children’s librarian in Chippewa Falls, WI. At Lawrence University and UW-Eau Claire she has studied English Literature, Music Education, Extremely Goofy Vocabulary Expansion, and How to be Marvelously Silly. She has also built a hobbit house with a round, green door and writes poetry and short stories exploring and experimenting with words.

Grades 6-8: Andy Patrie and Derick Black:  Stories Save!

Join local writers Andrew and Derick for an exploration of how our experiences can be the most fertile soil for growing stories and relationships. Paper, pencils, and prompts will be
provided to get you writing and sharing.  

Derick Black is an 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher at Delong Middle School in Eau Claire.  He is also the Eau Claire Memorial Girl’s diving coach.  When not teaching or coaching, he spends his time with his family traveling, canoeing, building things, and camping.  He also enjoys writing songs and playing guitar.

Andrew Patrie teaches English language, literature, and creative writing at North High School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where he lives with his wife and daughter. He has self-published two previous collections of poems: Nights, Grace (2006) and Half-Life (2016). He also writes for Volume One magazine and the underground Polish heavy metal ‘zine Burning Abyss.